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Hope Academy For Autism


Building a high level of trust with each student, we are able to help them reach their fullest learning potential. Our staff focuses on providing students with the proper skills and knowledge to be successful not only in the classroom but in all aspects of life.


Our private school provides education for children on the spectrum from Kindergarten to 12th grade. By accommodating to each child's needs, we are able to guide them in the right direction to reach all academic, social, and behavioral goals.

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See what Hope Families are saying

This school has helped my son so much. What a difference a school year makes. So glad we could get him in. Love it! He’s flourishing!


This school does wonders for kids on the spectrum! They go above and beyond for every single one of the kids and bring hope to all the families that walk through their doors.Everything they promise they follow through and it reflects with all the children. The staff is amazing and love the kids and you could tell the kids love going to school because of the amazing teachers and staff who love them unconditionally! They offer so many amazing activities ( animal therapy, adaptive pe, yoga, music, computer lab, an amazing library , sensory room, and art room) these kids work on transitions everyday and it shows! You could never go wrong with this school! There are several parents that have been there for years and followed them through their journey!


this is the most amazing school! the best decision I made was to pull my son from public school and send him here. i couldn't be happier!


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