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Curriculum taught in each class is based on both student and classroom needs. Curriculum is individualized based on students IEP's (individualized educational plan) and Arizona state standards in order to promote growth and success.

Elementary K-6

Students study the foundations of learning in the core subjects; reading, math, science, writing and social studies. These classes also integrate social emotional and daily living skills.

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Middle School 7-8

Students continue building on their learning foundations. They explore new ideas to gain knowledge in preparation for high school.

High School 9-12

Students follow requirements set by The ADE (Arizona Department of Education) for graduation.  Students preparing for employment after graduation actively participate in intern jobs within the school as a teacher aide, office assistant or cafeteria assistant.

Electives @ Hope


All students are welcomed to attend most elective classes. Sessions are designed to be modified to student needs, grade and ability level. 

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