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Ready for a new and rewarding career? 

Join Our Team

Our school is actively seeking for new paraprofessionals and teachers. We specialize in autism education. Our ideal candidate is someone who loves to work with children, someone who is trustworthy, and all-around a team player.


I enjoy working at Hope Academy. I feel like the work that I do here is important and valued. Hours and requirements are typical of most teaching positions. I feel as though I am valued by the administration and by parents. My input is valued and considered. When I inquire as to why a certain policy was adopted or why something 'is the way it is', admin is always willing to explain the reasoning. My students are respectful and behaviors are managed quickly and effectively. Class sizes are manageable and teachers are given paraprofessionals in the classroom. Administration goes out of their way to show their appreciation for staff with end-of-quarter parties, a staff trip, raffles, and catered lunches.


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